Metal Finishing Services

These additional services are:

  • Assistance in designing your products for manufacture.
  • All engineering services to obtain the best costs, suggesting the best metals and alloys suited for your product, assistance with the best manufacturing processes to produce your products, etc.
  • We offer all types of Machining equipment that we have available to produce your product.
  • We also offer all types of coatings and surface treatments, like dip, hand and spray painting, polishing, powder coating, anodizing, shot-blasting, vibratory finishes, etc.
  • Assembly services of complete products or sub-assemblies which are part of an assembly.
  • Special custom Packaging to customers’ requirements and special printing of Co. name, logo, etc.
  • We offer stocking programs at our warehouse such as JIT (Just In Time) and Kanban programs to meet your lean manufacturing incentives.

We only supply these services on the metal products that we supply.

Assembly Services

From producing your parts to machining, to coating, to assembling, to surface treatments, to custom packaging, we offer a full turnkey solution. This is for any industry no matter how diverse and also includes architectural and electrical applications. Deeco Metals provides semi or fully-machined components for assemblies and complete product lines. We supply complete valves or sub-assemblies for valve and include valve stems, full Lightning and grounding systems.

Dimensional deviations can and sometimes affect the final assemblies when you use different manufacturers to make your parts. Utilizing our one-stop manufacturing service and assembly services, customers can avoid tolerance deviation problems and reduce the overall production cost of an assembly.

Grounding products offered by us include earthing saddles, male/female clamps, couplers, and earth tail clamps. In addition to grounding systems.

Copper Bus Bar Systems are manufactured to your assembly requirements. Also offered hanger bars, as well as copper mold plates and cooling blocks all machined in-house at our plant.

Valve Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Deeco Metals provides Valve Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies. Valve parts supplied semi- or fully-machined components used for assemblies and complete product lines. Valve Assemblies we supply in Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel 304 and 316 alloys are:

  • 1pc, 2pcs and 3pcs Ball Valves
  • Screw & Flanged Globe Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Flanged Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Strainers
  • Swing Check Valves
  • And more!

We also supply valve parts that are forged, sand cast and investment cast and fully machined and coated (painted, plated & powder coated) if required.


Grounding & Lightning Protection Solutions

In addition to Busbar products, we can also offer a full line of grounding (earth) products produced in forged brass and these including couplers, ground-tail clamps, male/female clamps, earth/grounding clamps, conductors as well as forged copper C clamps.

These products are used for lightning eliminating grounding systems. We service clients that supply Lightning protection in high lightning strike areas like Florida, Texas and Gulf-coast states.

Busbar Component Assembly

Deeco can assist in providing customers’ requirements for industrial Busbar systems, hanger bars, as well as copper mold plates and cooling blocks.

Partnering with a prominent manufacturer of Busbar systems, we offer Busbar components such as flexible insulation materials, connectors, and steel support structures. The operations of casting, rolling and Busbar fabrication are all fully integrated.

We provide complete Busbar turnkey services, starting from extruding and drilling to plating of the copper bars. Our plant's electrical engineers are also experienced in assembling, wiring, and testing copper Busbars used in power stations or substations.

Custom-made Busbars are also supplied with fasteners for assembling.

For copper foil plants and mining companies, Deeco Metals offers hanger bars designed for extracting copper from copper ores.

As part of Busbar turnkey services, we also manufacture copper mold plates used for cooling applications in furnaces.

Busbar Project Management:

All Busbar projects are managed by our plant’s project team to ensure:

  • Superior customer service and support over the entire project lifecycle.
  • On-schedule delivery.
  • Close customer contact regarding all technical, scheduling, shipping and installation arrangements.
  • Effective project control, facilitated by having most manufacturing operations on one site. Greater project planning flexibility is also possible.

Busbar Turnkey Services:

Our plant has extensive experience in managing the complete scope of work required for the design, manufacture and installation supervision of Busbar systems.

Our plant has a well-established network of local and international subcontractors and suppliers that can supply any specialized components and materials.

Our plant can supply a wide range of mechanical fasteners, as well as braided and rolled shim flexible connectors.

Our plant is experienced in the design and supply of all steelwork and insulation material for supporting Busbar systems.

Our plant has extensive international experience supervising the installation of Busbar systems, including the provision of all installation manuals and drawings.

Major customers:

Chemical corporations (e.g. Chlor-alkali plants)
Electroplating copper foil plants
Mining and mineral beneficiation companies involved in the electro-winning of minerals such as zinc and copper (SX-EW)
Companies involved in the metals furnace and smelting industries.

Our plant specializes in the manufacture of large section Busbars, as used in heavy current applications.

Busbars are typically manufactured from an electrolytic tough pitch copper (99.90% Cu min).

Our plant’s manufacturing facility is geared to manufacture high volumes of Busbar sections.

The production facility is equipped with a range of specialized equipment and jigs for the fabrication of Busbar sections to a high degree of accuracy.

All machining and bending work is subjected to a full dimensional inspection, including partial assembly tests on fabricated sub-sections of the Busbar system.

Busbar Size Range:

Length (max) in excess of 33 ft (10,000mm)
Thickness ¼” (6mm) up to 2” (50mm)
Width 3” (80mm) up to 24” (615mm)

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