Deeco Metals Provides Trusted Metal Services

Celebrating 30 years in business!

For three decades, you have entrusted Deeco with your business, product and inventory needs. We thank you, and appreciate your continued business and support.

Deeco does not only offer price savings. We pride ourselves on the many other invaluably added services which we provide.

One Stop Shop

Deeco Metals, Inc., USA is owned by the Sinclair family who emigrated from South Africa in 1984. Deeco Metals is more than a custom metal part supplier to OEM’s in North America. We pride ourselves on providing high quality finished metal parts and assemblies at competitive prices. We also provide value added services such as surface coatings or sub-assembling to reduce risk and save you money...

We provide world-class expertise in sourcing all types of metal products in all forms and manufacturing processes. Our one stop metal shop saves you time and money. We also offer additional cost savings to our returning customers when they consolidate their inventory and product needs through Deeco.  

We are your #1 premium supplier for:

  • Investment Casting
  • Sand & Die Casting
  • Forged Parts
  • Extruded Shapes
  • Machined Parts
  • Stamped Components
  • Welding & Brazing Products
  • And More

It’s easier to deal with one company for your inventory needs. One company means less hassle and less headaches. That’s why Deeco offers order consolidation offers and savings, which means the more you buy the more you save.

Full technical support in South Carolina & New Jersey

Our technical manager, Randy Klein, was instrumental in helping to achieve our ISO9000 rating. He is always available to discuss any technical questions with your engineers, or technical staff. Randy has many years of experience as a design engineer, and can suggest manufacturing processes to help save your company time and money. Deeco’s President Desmond Sinclair can also assist you with most technical questions and requirements due to his extensive background experience in engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing.

Technical Support in China

At our Chinese manufacturing facilities, we have access to English speaking engineers and metallurgists. Their fluency in English and Chinese has been one of our company’s strengths in sourcing from China. The ability to communicate, one on one, with our manufacturing partners is a tremendous asset in answering and resolving most technical questions and issues which often arise during design and fabrication processes.

Desmond makes frequent visits to our existing and new suppliers throughout the world. The purpose for these travels is to discuss continuing supply improvements, as well as to establish relationships with new factories and mills. During these visits, we also offer to our existing suppliers recommendations and procedures, which further improves their quality and streamlines their manufacturing processes. This ultimately results in higher quality products and decreased delivery times.

We are currently looking to expand our presence in China and are considering purchasing our own warehouse. This will enable Deeco to consolidate shipments into container loads, thereby lowering costs, and aid in eliminating transport damage often associated with smaller shipments. Part of this new warehouse will also be considered for simple assembly once the consolidation business is in place.  

We often hire independent Chinese staff workers to perform our quality assurance ISO9000 evaluations with new and existing suppliers in China. We also have them visit the mills when the product is ready to ship, at which time we perform visual quality inspections and random measurement inspections to ensure that each part is made to spec. Inspection is also done to guarantee that the correct packaging is used to prevent any shipping damage.

Warehousing in South Carolina

Due to customer demand, we offer warehousing service from our 20,000 square foot South Carolina facility. We currently provide several of our customers with yearly JIT (Just In Time) stocking & KAN BAN programs to assist with their Lean Manufacturing Initiatives.

Sales Support from South Carolina

We have experienced sales professionals in our U.S. Sales Headquarters in South Carolina to assist our customers as needed. We also allocate a technical sales rep to service your account to build relationships so you are continually dealing with the same person. Desmond also visits our USA customers on a regular basis to build relationships through face to face meetings and to understand your exact supplier needs. We would like to visit your facility, at your convenience, to discuss your product and inventory needs while building a quality relationship with your company. Please contact us and we will make a trip to your facility at your convenience.

Fixed Order Pricing

Your prices are guaranteed at the time of order! There are no surprises when your product is delivered, there will never be any extra invoiced charges. This overall pricing guarantee is especially helpful in a volatile raw materials metal market.

Assembly Services Available

If necessary, Deeco can deliver some of our parts partially or fully assembled. Most of our plants have full machining and assembly capabilities in addition to their primary processing expertise. This allows us to offer finished or assembled products including: painted, plated, anodized or other surface finishing requirements. We also offer customer packaging with custom printed cardboard boxes, as well as unique customer labels.

Partner with the Best!

Reduce risk by partnering with Deeco. We are a supplier that is financially stable, technically competent, and passionate about price reduction.

We are recognized as a premier provider of Vendor Managed Inventory programs (VMI) such as J.I.T., Kanban, etc., to assist in your Lean Manufacturing Programs. In addition, we have a staff of application engineers who work with our customers during the new part design stages, which better suits the preferred manufacturing process. We also assist in re-engineering existing products, and can suggest possible alternative manufacturing processes. It is our goal to provide your engineers with the best and latest information on metals and manufacturing methods that will be used to produce your parts. 

Our ultimate objective is to help you increase your profit margins by reducing your overall production costs.


This ultimately equates to you saving time and money!