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Custom Extrusions

What do handrails, precision lock parts, and window frames have in common? They are all examples of products produced from extruded profiles. At Deeco Metals, we offer all these shapes and more – including many other custom extruded profiles for other industries.

Brass, nickel silver, copper and stainless steel custom extruded shapes offer benefits such as:

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • High strength
  • The ability to be highly polished
  • Superior hot or cold workability
  • Good machinability
  • Suitability for complex shapes
  • Good electrical conductivity (on copper alloys)

We offer a range of services; consult the following lists to find the extruded profiles that you need.

Architectural Brass, Bronze, and Nickel Silver Alloys

We conform to a number of AMS specs:

  • C38000 - Architectural Bronze, Low Leaded
  • C38500 - Architectural Bronze
  • C79700 - Nickel Silver
  • C79800 - Nickel Silver
  • C77400 - Nickel Silver
  • C77600 - Nickel Silver

These alloys can be supplied as custom architectural and decorative extruded profiles or custom metal shapes to produce parts of the following products:

Molding and trim shapes Cladding
Furniture Door Handles
Door and Window Frames Door lock hardware
Elevator Sills Cabinetry lock and hardware
Columns Hand railings
Tread Plates Balisters
Skirting Shapes Mounting bars and railing components
Curtain Wall Systems Grills and registers
Door thresholds and wear strips Store fixtures and displays
Hinges Decorative shapes for elevator cabs
Cornices Terrazo shapes/stripes for floors

Other Industrial & Commercial Profile Extrusions

Industrial shapes can be produced in many copper and copper alloys such as ETP (electro tough pitch) copper, free machining brasses, manganese brasses and naval brasses, to name a few.

One of the characteristics of copper alloys is its high electrical conductivity. This feature, combined with its other physical properties—ductility, malleability, and ease of soldering—make it an ideal material for RF/MRI shielding. Brass extrusions are used for framing and sealing components in all types of enclosures.

Copper alloys are excellent for a wide range of products, including: 

  • Musical Instruments
  • Housewares
  • Memorialization (Burial Urns, Plaques, Signage, Columbarium Niches, etc.)
  • Signs, Frames, Mailboxes, Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Measuring and Controlling Devices
  • Various Electrical & Electronic applications
  • Fasteners
  • Valves & Fittings (Hydraulic, air, water, gas fittings & fixtures)
  • Pre-forms for forgings and re-drawing
  • Paper & Textile equipment (roller and wear slides/parts)
  • Various machines that require wearing slides
  • Radio & Electromagnetic interference shielding door frames (RF/MRI)
Custom Bronze Shape

Extrusion Metals

Brass Extrusion Alloys

Free Machining Brass C360 is widely used on high-speed automatic lathes, as the small addition of lead improves machinability. There are specific variations of this alloy with excellent riveting properties. These alloys can be supplied in shapes ranging from simple to very complex. 

Hot Forging Brass Extrusions

Simple custom extruded pre-form profiles are produced in the forging alloy C377 and generally cut into billet (cut pieces) used in the manufacture of complex close die forgings, where a considerable amount of flow is required to obtain the end part.  This alloy retains close dimensional accuracy and freedom from porosity. It is also available in simple hollow forms.

High Tensile Bronzes (Manganese Bronzes)

Supplied in simple shapes—round and hex bar, for example—this bronze alloy combines high strength, high tensile, excellent wear properties and corrosion resistance with good, hot forging properties. Used for valve spindles, other valve and pump parts and forged fasteners. 

Cold Forming Brass Extrusions

Cold forming brass is generally supplied as bar stock—both flat and round bar stock—but can also be supplied in simple custom extruded profiles. It has excellent ductility and cold forming properties. It is used for cold heading and riveting parts.

Aluminum Bronzes

All aluminum bronzes alloys are difficult alloys to extrude into a custom shape/profile, so they are generally supplied in continuous cast and extruded bar stock or very simple custom metal shapes. It’s not suitable for complex extruded profiles, but it is a good choice if you’re looking for something with both high strength and good corrosion resistance.

Nickel Silver

Nickel Silver alloys are mainly used for decorative purposes but can be used for industrial applications where strength, wearability, and corrosion resistance are required. We often receive requests for custom extruded profiles of nickel silver for architectural applications. Nickel Silver is replacing the cold feel of stainless steel with its silvery-yellow, warm appeal.  Nickel Silver has become a popular alloy, as it takes a high polish and easily acquires a smooth satin finish. This alloy also has both hot forging properties and cold working properties. This is available in bar stock, simple shapes, heavy wall complex profiles, and in a wire form or rod form. Used for handrails, elevator sills, and other architectural shapes.

Corrosion Resistant Brass Extrusions

These alloys have excellent resistance to corrosion. It is generally supplied in bar stock and simple shapes. We have also made complex shapes, but this depends on the size and wall thickness. 

Dezincification Resistant Brass (DZR)

These alloys are generally supplied in bar stock and simples shapes. Dezincification resistant brass is resistant to dezincification that might occur in certain aggressive water environments. Some custom extruded profiles are ideal for complex forgings. Dezincification resistant brass is used for pump and valve parts and has excellent machinability. 

Copper Extrusions

Alloys C11000 (ETP or HC Cu), C11600 (STP Cu), C14500 (DPTE Cu) and C14700 (Sulfur-bearing Cu).
Most all of these extruded coppers are used for electrical purposes and generally supplied in flat bar (bus bar), hex bar, square bar and round bar. However, depending on the dimensions, we can produce simple custom extruded profiles from these coppers. Tellurium (C14500) and Sulfur (C14700) coppers have good machinability over ETP Cu.  Silver Copper (C11600) has high strength at moderately elevated temperatures.
These coppers can be supplied in an extruded only form or drawn to obtain certain hardness. Complex shapes are not available.

Choose Deeco Metals for Custom Extrusions

At Deeco Metals, we produce custom extruded profiles to industry standard tolerances. We guarantee consistent quality and reliable service. Before we offer a quote, we carefully review our customer’s drawings. We have a conversation with every client about what they need in a finished product, which gives us our solid reputation for problem-solving. Request a quote on custom extruded profiles by email at, on Deeco’s website inquiry form, or contact Deeco Metals by phone to discuss your requirements with a technical representative and learn more.
Custom Extruded Shapes