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Whether you are searching for custom bronze, brass, nickel silver, or stainless steel elevator sills and components, Deeco Metals has you covered. We offer high quality elevator door sills, cab, landing, and elevator hoist ways in the materials and sizes you need. Our products provide the elegance, premium quality, craftsmanship and affordability to take your project to the next level of superiority and reliability.

At Deeco, we provide unparalleled quality and expertise in everything we do. Our elevator sills and components are manufactured from only the finest grade materials and produced to your exact project specifications. If you have questions regarding our brass, bronze, nickel silver, or stainless steel elevator sills and components, give us a call at 800-272-7784.

Which Metal is Right for Your Elevator Hoist Way?

Whether you are considering stainless steel or an architectural bronze, brass, and nickel silver elevator sill, there are several factors that should be weighed before deciding what is best for your project. Both types of metals offer their own beneficial qualities. Depending on your project’s exact specifications, one may be more favorable than another.

Custom Nickel Silver Elevator Sills & Elevator Components

As one of the top nickel silver and brass elevator sill suppliers in the industry, Deeco Metals extrudes elevator sills and elevator components from only the finest and most exceptional quality brass and nickel silver materials on the planet. Our nickel-silver and brass elevator sills provide an elegant look, feel and function that your customers will appreciate. Bronze, brass, and nickel silver elevator sills and other elevator components provide the following advantages:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Higher yield strength than stainless steel
  • Greater Rockwell Hardness than stainless
  • Less dense and lighter than stainless
  • Superior lubricity provides lower wear on components
  • Easily joined at a lower temperature
  • Polishes extremely easily

Nickel Silver Material for Your Elevator Threshold Project

Custom nickel silver extruded elevator sills often look very similar to stainless steel, but with a warmer feel and a yellowish tint and glow. In addition, nickel silver is machinable, harder and more corrosion-resistant than bronze. It also exhibits high electrical resistance, making it an exceptional choice for elevator door sill applications.

Custom Architectural Brass Bronze Elevator Sills & Components

The utilization of brass bronze extruded profiles for your elevator sills and other elevator components can add dimensional durability, improved aesthetics and significant cost savings over other materials. Bronze and brass elevator car sills and components are extruded from architectural bronze and brass extrusions and provide numerous high-level benefits including:

  • Does not require additional machining
  • Inexpensive tooling costs
  • Multiple parts can be formed into a single extrusion
  • Minimal production lead times
  • Premium quality control standards
  • Short run capabilities
  • Raw material savings
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Elevator Door Sills in Extruded Stainless Steel

Our extruded stainless steel elevator thresholds, hoist way sills, and elevator car sills provide a wide range of benefits that cannot be matched by any other manufacturing methods. When it comes to providing the best quality products, in-spec materials and the extrusion process, Deeco Metals provides winning solutions for your elevator components with a wide range of advantages that include:

  • Industry Standard on our designs
  • Premium quality stainless steel
  • Advanced surface quality
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Very cost-effective solutions

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For more information regarding our custom elevator sill and component options, get in touch with our sales team, or request a quote. Or check out our photo gallery for just a few examples of the high quality metal sourcing we can provide for your elevator project. You can also email us at to further discuss your elevator sills needs.