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Polished Stainless Steel Forging

 Polished Stainless Steel Forging

Custom Stainless Steel Forgings

Forging is a centuries-old process that many manufacturers continue to rely on for one simple reason: it produces a good quality part with a good surface finish. Forging means producing a part by hammering a metal bar or billet into a shaft or part or pressing metal billets or slugs in a two-part die.

Deeco Metals has been a one-stop resource for high volume production stainless steel forgings for over 30 years. Our quality standards and full technical support for all projects reflect a deep commitment to our customers. You can depend on us to provide the high-quality custom stainless steel forged components you need with the value-added services you want.

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Advantages of Stainless Steel Machined Parts

Stainless steel forging offers numerous advantages such as a good cosmetic surface finish can be achieved, corrosive resistance and superior strength. Forging is also a smart choice for large volume part runs compared to other manufacturing processes. Forging also produces parts to a near net shape that do not require a great deal of finishing, which can speed the manufacturing process and shorten lead times significantly. Stainless steel machined forgings result in near net parts with excellent surface conditions and mechanical properties thanks to internal grain structures that form during the forging process.

Industrial Applications and Industries that Use Stainless Steel Forgings

Stainless Steel Forgings

Stainless steel forgings are manufactured for use in various environments and industries including:

  • Food processing
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical (oil and gas)
  • Offshore Oil and in-land oil installations
  • Marine and Naval
  • Hand tools
  • Food processing
  • General engineering
  • Valves and pump parts
  • Power generation
  • Shipping – All type of Boats and ships
  • Power generation
  • General engineering
  • Turbine - Forged stainless steel alloys are used in the low-pressure turbine (hot) section of gas turbines

Common Applications for Stainless Steel Forged Parts

"Forged" is the mark of quality in hand tools and hardware compared to castings. Through stainless steel forging, we produce a wide range of common, everyday corrosion-resistant stainless steel forged parts, such as:
  • Marine application pliers: Adjustable, Needle, Long-nose, Water-pump pliers, etc.
  • Different type of clamps used in corrosion applications:  G clamps, Bar clamps, Meter clamps
  • Various special application measuring gauges
  • High-quality stainless sockets and ratchets
  • All types of oil industry special application wrenches requiring corrosive conditions
  • High-end garden tools and other garden implements
  • Many different types of hand tools used in other corrosive applications and environments
  • Many different types of mining equipment parts

Forged Stainless Steel Design Assistance

At Deeco Metals, our aim is to help our customers receive the best quality parts at the lowest price. To that end, we carefully examine our customers’ drawings and may suggest alternative manufacturing processes and metals or their alloys. Sometimes permanent mold casting, investment casting or sand casting would produce an acceptable lower cost part.

Why Choose Deeco Metals for your Stainless Steel Forgings?

Deeco Metals was founded in 1987 for a group of international metal producers based in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The goal was to create a company with a technical and metallurgical background in manufacturing metal and metal parts. We are proud to have effectively served our local and global customers for the past 35 years. We have used our experience and technical expertise to fulfill the requirements of our many satisfied customers across the USA, Canada, and South America since then.

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Top-quality forged stainless steel parts call for a special type of forging company. Deeco Metals is that company. Request a quote on custom stainless steel forgings, contact us, or email to learn more.


Polished Stainless Steel Forging

 Polished Stainless Steel Forging