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Lightweight Magnesium Alloy Forgings

Magnesium alloys are, collectively, the third most popular structural-metal, after steel and aluminum. Magnesium is also the lightest structural metal, weighing 75% less than steel and 33% less than aluminum. Most magnesium alloys exhibit excellent mechanical strength and stiffness, high dent and impact resistance, and damping qualities that promote quieter machine operation and maintain these properties at elevated temperatures. These characteristics make magnesium alloys ideal for forging lightweight, durable parts for a wide variety of structural and nonstructural applications.

Why Choose Magnesium Alloy Forgings?

  • Very high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Easy to machine for post-forging processing
  • Readily accept a variety of surface finishes
  • Can be heat treated to further improve mechanical characteristics

Common Applications for Magnesium Forgings

As one of the most commonly-used structural-metals, magnesium (and magnesium alloys) are used in a broad array of applications, from electronics to power tools, and much more. As a structural-metal, magnesium alloys can be found in industrial machinery and materials handling equipment, among other uses.

Why Choose Deeco Metals for Magnesium Alloy Forgings?

Deeco Metals manufactures high precision forgings from a variety of magnesium alloys (see below). With our experience, expertise, and advanced equipment, we can produce forged parts that match our customers’ unique specifications. As needed, our design engineers will work with you to optimize your part designs for faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective production, without sacrificing quality or performance.
We offer a range of secondary services to give greater value to forged magnesium parts. We can provide heat treating, surface finishing, plating, coating, machining, assembly, and more, to give you forged parts that are ready to use (or as close to it as possible) upon delivery.
We offer technical support, warehousing, and much more. We are the single-source supplier you need complete, custom forged magnesium parts.

Forged Magnesium Alloys

In its pure form, magnesium can ignite very easily, presenting a considerable hazard for most applications. This quality is suppressed in the alloy process, however, and magnesium alloys are easier to work with.

Deeco Metals works with a variety of magnesium alloys in our forging processes. Some of the more common magnesium alloys we work with include:

  • AZ31B
  • AZ61A
  • AZ80A
  • M1A
  • ZK60A

HM21A magnesium alloy is available as a rolled product but can be used effectively in forging.

Other Magnesium Options

In addition to forgings, Deeco Metals can provide magnesium and magnesium alloy products in a number of other forms to meet your needs.

Deeco Metals has the Experience and Expertise

Deeco Metals was founded in 1987 for a group of international metal producers based in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The goal was to create a company with a technical and metallurgical background in manufacturing metal and metal parts. We are proud to have effectively served our local and global customers for the past 35 years. We have used our experience and technical expertise to fulfill the requirements of our many satisfied customers across the USA, Canada, and South America since then.

Contact Us for Magnesium Forgings

Deeco Metals is your #1 resource for precision magnesium alloy forgings. Contact Deeco Metals to discuss your project. You can also email to request a quote.


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