Deeco Metals supplies quality custom made bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and special alloy products in all forms, including brass and bronze extrusions and aluminum shapes and profiles (extrusions), forgings, castings (investment, pressure die, sand, gravity, etc.), wire and other wire products. Deeco Metals quality made Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper and specialty parts in all forms including Machined, Extrusions, Forgings, and Castings.

For Deeco Metals markets products across the street and around the world, from machine shops to mega mills. Deeco manufactures close tolerance Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel components and critical parts, as well as, mechanical assemblies from a variety of Castings, Extrusions, and Forgings. We have a full range of Castings, Extrusions, and Forging capabilities with first article samples as well as prototypes offered for approval before production begins. Our customers trust us with their critical parts because we manufacture it right the first time - and every time.

Part of our company philosophy is to encourage open dialog between you and Deeco Metals. Honest one on one discussions allow us to find out what issues, especially pricing, service and quality, are important to you. Once we have the keys to your requirements we can address them, open the lock and start building a long term and profitable relationship for both you and Deeco.

We have experienced sales professionals in our U.S. Sales Headquarters in New Jersey to assist our customers as required. In addition to the domestic location, we also maintain offices in Taichung, Taiwan and Shanghai, China where we have engineers and quality assurance experts to assist you with communication, expediting, shipping and quality control.

Deeco has long term relationships and manufacturing alliances with mills in the following countries: Argentina, China, Italy, Korea, South Africa, Spain and Taiwan.

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