Custom Metal Extrusion and Metal Part Supplier

Deeco Metals only supplies large mill-run quantities in the range of hundreds to thousands of pieces and pounds. Using our high-quality in-house foundry casting processes, we offer custom metal extrusion and castings manufactured to your exact specifications. From cast and forged parts to brass extrusions and machined components, we provide the metal parts or components and products you need.

Custom Metal Castings

Casting is an accurate, versatile, and cost-effective way to produce custom metal parts. Metal castings are used for countless applications, and we can provide the perfect cast metal parts for your requirements at an affordable price, with inexpensive tooling or patterns.

In addition to function metal components, we can also supply you with metals and alloys for decorative, artistic metal castings. Our architectural metal castings add visual style to any project.

Custom Metal Forgings

In general, forged metal parts are strong, durable, and low cost with very inexpensive tooling.  Deeco can take nearly any part design and turn it into a high quality, high precision metal forging.

Custom Metal Extrusions

From elevator sills to decorative architectural products to marine windows and doors, metal extrusions can be produced in nearly any shape you may need. We can provide custom metal extrusions that match your specifications; all we need are your drawings.

Metals We Work With

We work with a wide variety of metal and alloys in our forging, casting, and extrusion processes, and we can help you select the best material or alloy for your unique custom metal part needs.

Brazing and Brazing Metals

Deeco Metals offers a wide range of brazing and brazing metals. Our products meet or exceed AWS, ABS, and BV specifications.

Additional Services

To add further value to our castings, forgings, and extrusions, we can provide a variety of secondary services such as machining, surface finishes (shot blasting, painting, anodizing, powder coating, etc.), as well as stocking systems like JIT or Kanban programs to accommodate your lean company programs.

Contact Deeco Metals for Custom Metal Components

As a custom metal part and architectural metal supplier, we offer accurate, consistent metal casting services to create the custom metal parts that meet your application needs. From extrusions to forgings, you can feel confident in the quality of our custom metal components.

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