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Celebrating Over 30 Years in Business!

We are extremely proud to have served our local and global customers for the past 30 years. Thank you for trusting us with your business, inventory and product needs.

Deeco Metals was founded in 1987 as a North American Sales Office for a group of international metal producers based in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The goal was to create a company with a technical & metallurgical background in manufacturing metal and metal parts. We used this experience to effectively respond to the requirements of our customers within the USA, Canada, and South America.

Deeco, Get to Know Us

If you have a product, service, technical, fulfillment, or sales related question, please contact any one of our department managers at their below extension.

Telephone / Fax / Email

Phone: 1-800-272-7784 & 1-864-610-1033

Fax: 1-864-610-1033

  • President - Desmond Sinclair
  • Imports & Logistics – Coral Sinclair / ext. 202
  • Administrative Director – Tanith Sinclair / ext. 203
  • Senior Sales Coordinator & Engineering - Alex Page / ext. 205
  • Customer Service – Elisa James / ext. 207
  • Controller – Kary Farson / ext. 208
  • Warehouse Manager - Llewellyn Sinclair / ext. 209
  • Warehouse Assistant – Will Clark / ext. 209
  • Account Sales & Service (Extrusions & Sills) – Jeff Wright, ext. 210, Tanith Sinclair, ext. 203
  • Senior Sales & Service - Cindy Wurum, ext. 206
  • Marketing - Carrie Sinclair / ext. 212
  • AR & Logistics – Tanya Lindsey / ext. 214

General Email:

Sales Email:

Deeco Materials

Deeco Metals sells products to customers who are local, as well as global. Whether it is OEM’s, machine shops, or mega mills Deeco provides complete assemblies, and supplies various close tolerance metal components including:

We have a full range of foundry casting processes producing custom castings. Our plants also have extrusion and forging manufacturing capabilities to supply most metal shapes or custom parts. Our standard production procedure is to always offer first article samples or prototypes, prior to beginning production of a customer’s order. Our customers trust us with their critical parts because of our commitment to quality control. We are consistent in our manufacturing processes and pledge to have your custom part done right from start to finish.

The Deeco Philosophy

Part of our company philosophy is to encourage and create an open dialog between our customers, friendly engineers & purchase people. Honest one on one discussions allows us to determine what is important to our customers. These conversations are vital to understanding specific technical, pricing, service, and quality requirements. Once we fully comprehend these key requirements we can address them and start building a long-term profitable relationship.

Deeco Quality Assurance

Deeco Metals understands the need for Quality Assurance, therefore our accreditation to ISO standards was a natural progression. We maintained ISO 9000 Certification from 2006 to 2009. Following 2009 we made the decision to no longer remain in the certification program, however, we still operate under the principals of ISO 9001. All our partner plants are ISO certified, which allows us to assist and ensure the best quality procedures are being followed for our customer's products. This accreditation emphasizes our continued improvement and commitment to supplying our customers with the best quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Deeco World Headquarters

We are headquartered in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Our 20,000-square foot warehouse maintains a substantial inventory of all our customers’ strategic products. Deeco maintains long-term relationships and manufacturing partnerships worldwide in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Pan Pacific & South Africa.

Mission Statement

Deeco Metals is dedicated to providing products and services which meet or exceed our customer's requirements and expectations while maintaining a quality management system.

Deeco Metals strives to build and maintain relationships which provide opportunities for long-term success, profits, and growth for all involved parties within the supply chain. 


  1. To supply defect-free products.
  2. Maintain 100% on-time supply & delivery.
  3. Strive to meet & exceed customer requirements in products and services.
  4. Meet all regulatory requirements.

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