Deeco Metals

Assembly Services

From raw material sourcing to assembling as well as custom packaging, we offer full turnkey solutions for diverse industrial, architectural, and electrical applications. Deeco Metals provides semi- or fully-machined components for assemblies and complete product lines. For instance, valves with sub assemblies such as valve stems, grounding systems, caps, and fasteners for holding plates or electronic equipment can be custom machined to customer’s drawings or specifications.

Dimensional deviations can affect the quality of final assemblies when different manufacturers make the sub assemblies. Utilizing our one-stop manufacturing plus assembly services, customers can avoid tolerance deviation problems and reduce the overall production cost. Grounding products offered by us include earthing saddles, male/female clamps, couplers, and earth tail clamps. In addition to grounding systems, we also manufacture and assemble a range of industrial busbar systems, hanger bars, as well as copper mold plates and cooling blocks.

Partnering with Copalcor, a prominent manufacturer of busbar systems, we offer busbar components such as flexible insulation materials, connectors, and steel support structures. We provide complete busbar turnkey services, starting from extruding and drilling to plating. Our electricians are also experienced in assembling, wiring, and testing copper busbars used in power stations or substations. Custom-made busbars are also supplied with fasteners for assembling. For copper foil plants, and mining companies, Deeco Metals offers hanger bars designed for extracting copper from copper ores. As part of busbar turnkey services, we also manufacture copper mold plates used for cooling applications in furnaces.