Green Sand Casting Capabilities

In addition to our “traditional” sand casting capabilities, Deeco Metals can also produce custom metal parts and components using green sand casting. The two sand casting processes are very similar, though each offers its own unique advantages.

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What is Green Sand Casting?

Green sand castings are made with molds formed from wet, unbaked sand. The term “green sand” refers to the fact that the sand in the mold is not set and is still in the uncured (or green) state when molten metal is poured into the mold. The key advantage of green sand casting is that the sand can be reused multiple times, with only minor additions or adjustments to its composition after each use.

In most cases, Deeco Metals makes green sand molds using common silica sand (SiO2) that has been mixed with water and a small amount of clay to provide the required mold strength. The clay minerals (typically montmorillonite and/or kaolinite) absorb water and form a natural bonding system that holds the sand particles together to form the mold cavity once the part pattern is removed. Various sands and clays may be blended to suit particular casting situations and surface finish requirements, or to accommodate specific metals.

Molten metal is introduced into the mold cavity through a sprue and distributed through a system of gates and runners. Risers—reservoirs of molten metal—are used to ensure that all regions of a green sand casting are adequately fed (filled) until solidification is complete. Since the molten metal shrinks as it cools and solidifies in the mold, it draws from the risers and, in some cases, more molten metal can be poured into the riser. Risers also act as heat sources which help promote directional solidification.

Green Sand Mold Cores & Chills

Cores form the internal structure of hollow castings. If a core is required, it will be made from sand bonded with resins and baked to give sufficient strength. The core is inserted in the green sand mold and may be supported within the mold cavity.

Chills of various designs may be embedded in the mold cavity wall to control the solidification process of the metal being poured. This assists in pouring a sound casting.

Green Sand Castings from the Experts

Because green sand molds can be formed into essentially any shape, green sand casting is an extremely versatile method of producing metal parts. Deeco Metals can produce green sand castings that match your exact designs, no matter how simple or complex. We can create a mold that includes intricate geometries, thin walls, or other special features your design may require. We pour castings from a variety of materials to give your parts the durability and performance your application requires.

From gearboxes to manhole covers to machine housings and beyond, Deeco has the skills and experience to deliver green sand castings that meet or exceed expectations.

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