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Having a reliable metal supplier that understands your company’s needs is an extremely important advantage. Whether it is structured product supply timing or consistent quality materials a high-quality metal supplier is the key to continued success within your industry. Finding the right suppliers for key materials and tools can mean the difference between being able to work proficiently and having to put up with production postponements and constant revisions. A reliable metal supplier should be able to entertain the following attributes.

Consistent Reliability

Regarding product supply, it can be difficult to effectively plan future moves if your supplier is inconsistent with their material supplies. An unreliable supplier can often doom your business by making promises that they cannot keep, which makes it impossible to relay consistent manufacturing deadlines to your customers. A reliable metal supplier can provide a deadline and stick to it no matter the consequences on their end.

When considering a supplier, it is important to check their history with other customers. What was the average wait time for an order to be fulfilled? Did the supplier meet deadlines for providing supplies consistently?

If delivery times were long, and deadlines were frequently missed, then the supplier might not provide the level of reliability that you need to stay on-schedule. Conversely, if delivery times were short and the supplier reliably met or beat their schedule for delivery, you’ll know you can rely on that supplier for important orders without having to worry if you’ll get them on time.

Low Rejection Rates

If you are getting your material from a supplier with high rejection rates, it may be time to switch. A supplier that has a quick and reliable delivery process but provides low quality material should not be your everyday supplier. Low-quality materials that do not meet your specific requirements can be worse than not having the parts at all, since they pose a greater risk of harm to your manufacturing equipment or products.

Premium Equipment

When inspecting potential suppliers, check to see if the equipment they use to process parts and materials is up to date. A reliable metal supplier will have precision pieces of equipment that are fully operational. A quality metal supplier will also never use their equipment for processes that they are not designed to do. In addition, it can often raise a red flag if a supplier is relying heavily on manual methods when they shape and process their metal forms. Manually shaping metal is often very time-consuming, so it may be difficult for them to produce consistent results on a timely basis.

Quality Service & Support

Even in a profoundly automated production process, having the right people in place to handle the job is extremely necessary. Skilled, driven workers who understand their role and the process can make the most of the tools available to them. Checking the qualifications of the employees that work for a potential supplier can save a lot of time and hassle in the long run, if what you find is not up to your standards.

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