Nickel Silver Extrusions and Castings

Deeco Metals produces custom nickel silver castings, nickel silver forgings, and nickel silver extrusions to match customer specifications. We specialize in working with nickel silver alloy extrusions and rod.

Nickel Silver Extrusions

Though they’re used in a broad range of industries, the majority of the nickel silver extrusions that Deeco produces are used in architectural applications for their attractive appearance. Using top quality nickel silver alloys, we provide numerous products for renovation projects, new construction, and other applications.

Nickel silver extrusions are commonly used for:

  • Elevator sills & components
  • Hand rails
  • Decorative panels
  • Wear plate profiles
  • Weather strips
  • and much more

Nickel Silver Alloy Rod

Nickel silver alloy rod is useful for many different applications. Markets that make extensive use of nickel silver alloy rod are the oil, gas, and mining industries, as well as musical instrument manufacturing. Nickel silver alloy rod is used in conjunction with tungsten carbide to produce wear resistant composite rods and wear resistant plates.

Bar or coated nickel silver alloy rod is used for many different welding, brazing, and filling applications when joining metals. Composite tungsten carbide/nickel silver alloy rod is used for specialized brazing on parts, as well as boring bars and tubes that require high wear resistance for deep hole drilling.

In addition to industrial applications, nickel silver alloy rod can be machined into small components like those used in advanced fiber optics.


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