Strategic Industrial Metal Sourcing and Fabrication Experts

Experienced industrial metal sourcing and metal fabrication companies understand the value of offering a wide range of services to support the growing needs of their customer base. Whether your company requires custom metal fabrication, sourcing, warehousing, fixed order pricing, assembly services, or sales and technical support, Deeco Metals has you covered!

To learn more about our strategic metal sourcing advantages, get in touch with our sales team or call us at 800-BRASS-84 and we will gladly discuss your project requirements. At Deeco, we supply high quality metals and provide world class Extrusions, Castings, Drawn Tube & Shapes, Forgings, Machined Parts, MIM & Sintered Parts & Stamping services to domestic and international customers at a price point designed to fit your budget.

Experienced International Metal Sourcing Suppliers

Whether you’re looking for top-quality metal sourcing quality control standards or a metal supplier that can consistently provide you with the materials you need, when you need them, Deeco Metals has you covered. With qualified experts throughout every department, Deeco Metals provides the most precise quality control standards in the industry.

Your One Stop Shop for Premium Metal Sourcing & Fabrication

Deeco provides world-class expertise in sourcing all types of metal products in all forms and manufacturing processes. Our one-stop metal shop saves you time and money. We also offer additional cost savings to our returning customers when they consolidate their inventory and product needs through Deeco.  We provide decades of experience in the following areas.  Contact us to Experience the DEECO Difference.

Custom Metal Castings

Whatever type of casting you need, our staff at Deeco Metals and engineers at our casting foundry, will analyze your requirements and recommend the most effective and economical casting method, metal alloy.

Custom Metal Forgings

Deeco Metals excels in supplying only the finest quality made metal forging for your application, at ultra-competitive prices. Our highly qualified technical team will find a way to reduce your costs by 20% or more, with the added convenience of a one-stop-shop for all your metal part needs. We specialize in high-volume production runs, with short lead times and fixed order pricing.

Custom Metal Extrusions

Deeco Metals is committed to providing quality custom extruded profiles in a variety of alloys. We have the commitment and expertise to deliver custom metal extrusions that are manufactured to your exact specifications. Deeco offers precise tolerances, consistency of product, reliable service, and a reputation for problem-solving, all supported by extensive research and experience.

High Quality Metal Options

At Deeco Metals, we provide a wide range of metal options for your project needs. Additionally, with our fixed order pricing, your prices are guaranteed at the time of order! There are no surprises when your product is delivered, there will never be any extra invoiced charges. This overall pricing guarantee is especially helpful in a volatile raw materials metal market.


Strategic Value-Added Services


At Deeco, we can provide you with extensive secondary add-on services that will take your project to the next level. We offer exceptional value-added services to supplement our strategic metal sourcing and fabrication capabilities. Speak with one of our expert sales staff for further details.


Contact Deeco Metals for Strategic Metal Sourcing & Fabrication Today

For more information regarding our top quality metal sourcing options, get in touch with our sales team. Or check out our photo gallery for visual examples of the high quality metal sourcing we can provide your project. Deeco Metals is your trusted source for premium metal sourcing and fabrication.

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