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Architectural Columns

Fashioned in the tradition of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the use of Columns in modern buildings to increase the visual splendor of large entrances, foyers and reception areas has found favor amongst Architects and Designers. In such applications Architectural Brass, Bronze and Nickel Silver become a building material capable of bridging the gap between the intended reference to the traditional design and the desire to seek an innovative form of expression. The required style and tone of a column can be achieved through the selective use of an extruded alloy, which is appropriately shaped and chemically colored for the particular application.

Industrial Columns for Historic Building Renovations & Restorations

Many people appreciate the design and detail that were put into historic buildings. Oftentimes these historic buildings have seen better days and many don't reflect the appearance that they deserve.

Due to this, many historic buildings are presently undergoing renovations to bring them back to their luster of years past. This may seem like an easy task, but the smallest details are sometimes the ones that are the most difficult to reproduce. Deeco can help with this, just send us a hand sketch or preferably a small cut sample of the existing shape and we will replicate it for you.

Architectural Metal Columns for New Construction

Within the realm of modern architecture, architects occasionally think out of the box and draw up very contemporary and exciting brass, steel and stainless handrail shape designs, many of which are difficult to manufacture. 

This is where we come in. Deeco Metals will work with you, the contractor or their engineers to develop ways to produce these unique designs.  We have the skills to match the architectural style of any new building or historic building or period piece.  

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Metals for Architectural Columns

We use various metals for the manufacturing and customization of our columns, some of which include:

  • Architectural Bronze - polishes to a rich gold luster and has good workability
  • Nickel Silver - white bronze (polishes to a lovely warm silvery color unlike the cold sterile stainless steel feel)
  • Pink Bronze - polishes to a beautiful pink hue - similar to a silicon bronze color.
  • Stainless - simple rail shapes often used in outdoor settings with a polished or brushed finish. Will preserve finish without tarnishing.
  • Steel - Simple Raile Shapes. Less expensive than stainless steel. Can be painted or coated.
  • Copper - simple custom shapes. Often used for custom finishes.  

The above alloys can match all your color requirements and can be enhanced with a patented acid process as well or brushed finish for stainless or painted in the case of steel. 

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Architectural Column Shapes