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Custom Die Casting

The die casting process utilizes die molds that are injected with high-pressure liquid metal to create parts, components and custom products. The ability to produce a large number of products at a very low cost per unit is one of the biggest draws of custom die casting. There are also a broad range of metal alloys that can be used within the die casting process, including aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc and other special die casting alloys.

Deeco Metals provides premium quality custom die casting services for your part, component and product needs. The die casting process also allows for the creation of parts with complex shapes and unique tolerances. Our custom die cast products can be created with very short leads, which allows for quicker customer turnaround times. At Deeco Metals, we can create die castings that range from a couple ounces to 100s of pounds.

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Benefits of Die Casting

At Deeco Metals, our custom die casting processes provide numerous benefits over other types of metal working methods. Our die casting services produce parts that are durable, stable and provide high-quality functionality. Some of the other advantages associated with die casting, include:

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Enhanced stability
  • High speed production
  • Multiple finishing techniques
  • Easy assembly

Examples of Custom Die Casting Parts

For high-volume production runs, die-casting is an effective manufacturing process. At Deeco Metals, we use die casting to manufacture top-quality parts for a wide range of industries. Some examples of the die cast parts we make include:

Housings | Gears | Bushings | Pumps | Light housings | Electrical cases and housings | Valves

Die Casting Processes

Deeco Metals utilizes two different types of machines to produce high-quality custom die casts. Hot chamber machines are specifically used for alloys with low melting temperatures, such as zinc. Conversely, cold chamber machines are used for alloys with high melting temperatures, such as aluminum and brass. However, in both machines, after the molten metal is injected into the dies, it rapidly cools and solidifies into the final part called the casting.

Metal Die Casting Alloys

Die-casting typically makes use of non-ferrous alloys which offer numerous benefits. The three most common alloys that Deeco Metals utilizes within its die casting methods include:

Aluminum | Brass | Zinc

Die Casting Finishing Services

Parts, components, and products that are manufactured through the die casting process do not require additional finishing services. However, if you desire a finished surface to your die casted part or component, we offer the following types of finishing services:

Zinc castings can be easily plated or finished with a minimum amount of surface preparation. Other metals may require additional surface preparation, since cast die-cast products are smoother than most other forms of castings.  View the Services page for additional metal finishing and services we offer.

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