Nickel Silver Extruded Profiles

Nickel Silver Elevator Sills

Front View of Nickel Silver Elevator Sills

Nickel Silver Extruded Profiles

 Nickel Silver Extruded Profiles

Nickel Silver Extruded Parts

 Nickel Silver Extruded Parts

Nickel Silver Extrusions

Nickel Silver Extrusions

Custom Nickel Silver and Bronze Extrusions

Pink Custom Nickel Silver and Bronze Extrusions

A nickel silver extrusion is an extremely tough and malleable metal that is silver-grey in appearance. Architectural nickel silver is an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc, which gives it a beautiful golden silver appearance. Nickel is commonly used in conjunction with copper. The two metals are soluble in any proportion, and contains no actual silver unless it is purposely plated.

Nickel Silver Historical Context

Nickel silver was first known and used in China. During the Qing dynasty, it was smuggled into various parts of the East Indies, despite a government ban on the export of nickel silver. It became known in the West from imported wares called baiting (Mandarin) or paktong (Cantonese).

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Common Nickel Silver Applications

Nickel silver extrusions are commonly used in a variety of industries and applications. Though primarily used for decorative architectural products, this alloy is durable and versatile enough for a wide variety of other uses. Common applications for nickel silver include:

  • Elevator sills & door tracks
  • Door and Window frames
  • Door lock hardware
  • Window hardware
  • Mining/drilling equipment
  • Handrails
  • Weather-strips and Thresholds
  • Wear or Railing components
  • Musical instruments
  • Horse harnesses & tack
  • Electrical or electronic components
  • Weaving - Cloth or garment manufacturing
  • Machined parts
  • and many more

Architectural Uses for Nickel Silver Finishing Extrusions

Architectural nickel silver is most commonly used as an architectural metal due to its appealing appearance and added strength. For environments that need a durable material where copper simply will not work, nickel silver may be an excellent choice. The warm luster and absorbingly rich patina of nickel silver extrusions makes it an excellent choice for architectural assemblies such as elevator sills, stylish handrails, door and window frames, etc.

Nickel Silver Mill Finish

Architectural nickel is highly sought after due to the nickel silver mill finish that is imposed upon the metal. For architectural extrusions mill finish also refers to as “As Fabricated,” As Extruded,” “Hot Extruded” and “As Manufactured.”  These terms refer to the condition of the raw extrusion as shipped from the mill.

A nickel silver extrusions mill finish is oxidized due to the hot extrusion process. The general appearance is duller than the sanded or polished finish.  The surface is smooth, but lacks reflectivity.  Additional marking or discoloration may be a result where the mill finish was subjected to roll straightening. 

Why Choose Nickel Silver Extrusions?

Nickel silver extrusions often look very similar to stainless steel, but with a warmer feel and a yellowish tint and glow. However, custom nickel silver building materials are not as difficult to extrude as stainless steels, nor do they require large minimum order quantities.

In addition, nickel silver is machinable, harder and more corrosion-resistant than bronze. It exhibits high electrical resistance, though it can be conductive as an oxide. Architectural nickel silver also possesses excellent sound qualities, producing a bright and powerful sound in horns and woodwind instruments.

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