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Custom Architectural Metal Extrusions in Canada

From handrails to doors, custom architectural extrusions provide the perfect decorative element for any building, offering flexible designs and durable construction to last for many years to come. Made from extruded brass, bronze, and nickel silver, ornamental extrusions are not just beautiful—they’re structurally impressive as well.

Deeco Metals provides the highest quality custom architectural metals, including custom brass extrusions, custom bronze extruded shapes and nickel silver custom extruded profiles for our customers in Canada. We work closely with you to ensure every custom metal extrusion meets your needs.

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Custom Architectural Shapes for Canada Applications

Custom architectural metal extrusions add a powerful aesthetic to any construction project, as well as a variety of manufacturing benefits. The extrusion process is a cost-effective process that provides superior workability and machinability for the parts it produces.

Customs metal extrusions are strong, beautiful pieces that are corrosion-resistant, perfect for interacting with the elements. Because of the flexibility of the extrusions process, architectural extrusions can be manufactured in a variety of complex shapes.

Deeco Metals provides a variety of decorative metal extrusions, including:

Each of our custom metal extrusions provides the perfect opportunity to create unique, ornate details in all of your construction projects. Whether a handrail cap or a cornice, our decorative extrusions add intrigue to any design.

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Deeco Metals is dedicated to providing the best architectural extrusions for all of your applications. For our customers in Canada, we provide ornamental extrusions that meet all of your needs, no matter how ornate or complex.

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