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Deeco Metals Forging Procedure & Presses

The first step in producing a good quality forging involves the cutting of slugs (billets) from round, square or special shaped bar by sawing to the desired length of metal to fill the die. The slugs (billets) are then heated to forging temperature for the specific alloy (i.e.1200° to 1600° F for brass, 700° to 900° F for aluminum, etc.). After heating, the slug is placed with tongs or special automatic/robotic clamp on the bottom forging die on the forging press. The action of the press is to then move rapidly downward with top die in place and slams down on the billet.  The press exerts tremendous pressure, squeezing the metal into the shape of both die cavities and causing the forged metal parts to take form. This action also imparts strength to the part and refines the grain structure.

When forging a part, there is always excess metal that comes out of the two cavities where they close together.  Therefore, the mass of the billet is more than the part so that the two die cavities will be completely filled.  As the part takes shape under pressure, the excess metal is squeezed out into a "gutter" around the die cavities. Excess metal, is called "flash" and remains attached to the forging when it is ejected from the die. The flash is later removed by a trimming die operation to remove most all of the flash and this is normally performed on a punch press. Once trimmed, the forging is then finished.  However, it can now be acid treated or shot blast to enhance the surface finish.  If machining is required, the forged part can easily be turned, drilled, tapped, milled, etc.

Deeco Metals Forging Presses

Deeco’s forging presses range in size from 45 tons to 1600 tons and our technology ranges from mechanical crank to friction screw. Heating is either gas or electric depending on the alloy being forged.

Cold forging has also been used to manufacture aluminum alloy forgings. Totals of 47 forging presses as well as other state of the art equipment are used to produce over 10,000 different components in large or small runs.

Automation is used to facilitate high output rates for volume items, while difficult products with technical challenges are manufactured using manual operations. Let us add you to the list of our satisfied customers!

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