Wire & Welding Products

We offer MIG & TIG welding wires, welding electrodes, brazing & Filler rod and wire and solders made from copper, stainless steel, aluminum, silver and tin & lead. Available in diameters ranging from 1/16” to ¼”, these welding products are offered in a variety of lengths and forms, including custom cut-to-length, spools, coils, and wire basket spools. All welding products conform to or exceed the specifications of organizations such as American Welding Society (AWS), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and Bureau Veritas (BV). Companies throughout the world rely on Deeco products for their welding needs. Deeco supplies

quality made welding products in the following forms:

  • Low fuming, Nickel Silver, Silicon Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, manganese bronze, aluminum bronze brazing wire and rod are one of Deeco’s specialties. (Filler Metals)
  • Copper and Copper Free Mig/Tig Wire
  • Stainless and Nickel Mig/Tig Wire and Electrodes
  • Aluminum Alloy Wire and Electrodes
  • Chrome Alloy Wire and Electrodes
  • Cobalt and Tungsten Rod and Electrodes

Our welding products provide a perfect combination of quality, value and reliability. Deeco welding consumables satisfy customers and applications of all types, from garage welding to some of the most demanding environments in the world. Our products offer uniform characteristics for worry free performance each and every time they are used.

Filler Metals for Brazing (Brazing, Brazing filler metals, Brazing alloys, copper alloys and silver alloys)

Brazing filler metals are standardized into seven groups of classifications as follows: silver, gold, aluminum, copper, nickels, cobalt and magnesium filler metals.

Deeco specialties are the copper and copper alloy groups. These fall into the AWS Classification: RBCuZn-A (C4700), RBCuZn-C (C68100 Low Fuming), RBCuZn-D (C77300 Nickel Silver), ERCuSi-A (C65600 Silicon Bronze), ErCuSn-A (C51800 Phosphor Bronze) ERCuAl-A1, A2 & A3 Aluminum Bronzes.

Available in diameters ranging from 1/16” to ¼”, these brazing products are offered in a variety of lengths and forms, including custom cut-to-length, spools, coils, and wire basket spools.

Mild Steel Welding Wire

Deeco MIG wire is a high quality copper coated wire supplied random and precision layer wound, providing superior performance over a wide range of applications. Our wire provides excellent feeding in semiautomatic and automatic production welding in various spools sizes.

Typical uses for our wire are in the fields of industrial manufacturing, pipe welding, construction, structural steel and vessel welding. Our double deoxidized wire produces welds with excellent radiographic and mechanical properties.

Deeco Mild Steel Welding Wire meets or exceeds requirements from the following organizations:

  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
  • LLOYD's (Register of Shipping)
  • DB (Deutsche Bahn)
  • TUV (VdTUV-Merkblatt)
  • BV (Bureau Veritas)
  • CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau)
  • RINA (Registro Italiano Navale)
  • 33 lb / 15 kg plastic spool

Classification: AWS A5-18 ER70S-3 / ER70S-6

Diameters (inches): .023" .030" .035" .040" .045" .0625"
Diameters (millimeters): 0.58mm 0.76mm 0.89mm 1.02mm 1.14mm 1.59mm

33 - 40 lb / 15 - 18 kg wire basket

550 lb / 250 kg drum
Average Chemical Analysis of wire (%) C Si Mn
ER70S-3 0.08 0.9 1.1
ER70S-6* 0.08 0.9 1.5

Cast & Helix Millimeters Inches
Cast: 800mm 32"
Helix: 25mm 1"

* Deeco also makes a special "high speed" ER70S-6. This wire has a slightly different chemical composition providing superior performance in high speed applications.

Most all mild steel wire diameters can be supplied in cut to length rod (Flag Tagged), on spools, in coils, or in drums. The spooled items provide excellent feeding in semiautomatic plus automatic production welding. All our products can be delivered in customized KANBAN and Just-In-Time (JIT) programs. Expedited delivery is available too.

We also offer some Resistance welding products such as copper spot welding tips and copper alloy resistance wheels and other items.