The world's local supplier of cast and forged metal parts and custom extruded shapes

DEECO Metals supplies metal products in all forms. Included are brass and bronze extrusions (special shapes), all metal forgings and castings as well as aluminum components manufactured from extruded profiles.

In addition to non-ferrous metals, we also offer a wide variety of ferrous metal cast parts in iron, steel, stainless steel, etc. Casting methods for ferrous and non-ferrous metals include investment castingpressure die castingsand casting, gravity die casting (permould), squeeze castings and other casting methods. We also supply a wide range of welding and brazing rod as well as wire and wire products.

Deeco Metals, as well as our mills, know the need for Quality Assurance, so accreditation to ISO standards was a natural progression. We maintained ISO 9000 Certification from 2006 to 2009 and still operate under the principals of ISO 9000 but made the decision to no longer remain in the certification program. All our partner plants are ISO certified, allowing us to assist and ensure the best quality procedures possible to our customers. The basis of this accreditation is the emphasis on continued improvement and commitment to supply our customers with products at the best quality and lowest prices.

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